6th Nile Basin Development Forum
October 2020
Rethinking regional investments in the Nile Basin


Nile Basin Development Forum 2020

The 6th in its series, NBDF 2020 is dedicated to the theme: Rethinking Regional Investments in the Nile Basin: Water | Food | Energy | Environment | Climate. The theme derive, from the NBI Strategy 2017-2027, focusing on consolidating the gains and delivering benefits of Nile cooperation.

The theme and its five strategic angles, are very timely taking into account that the Nile riparians, building on the work of NBI over the past two decades, are moving towards a new approach to regional/basin planning and investment agenda. The goal is to enhance transformative processes and projects that will contribute to NBI’s shared vision: to promote socio-economic benefits for the people and countries of the Nile Basin.

The Nile Basin Development Forum (NBDF) is a regional science – policy – practice dialogue forum organised by the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI), in collaboration with Member States and in partnership with development partners.

The Forum is a continuation of the Nile 2002 conferences, which were successful informal fora that brought together a broad spectrum of Nile Basin stakeholders and friends of the Nile from within and beyond the Nile Basin. The purpose is to exchange information and views on the steps necessary to achieve sustainable development of the shared Nile Basin water resources.

The objective of the NBDF is to build common understanding among the Nile Basin stakeholders – policy makes, scientists, practitioners, and the public at large – on the status of the water and natural resources base of the Nile Basin; shared challenges and solutions for addressing the water security challenges facing the Nile Basin countries.

The proposed theme of the 6th NBDF, i.e. Rethinking integrated planning and investment agenda for the Nile Basin, is aimed at charting the way for more coordinated basin planning and regional, transformative infrastructure investments that lead to multi-country socio-economic benefits to the riparian communities sustainably.

The forum is planned to take place in second half of October 2020 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

NBDF6: Sub-Themes

The topics that will be addressed in the 6th NBDF are structured along the six pillars of the NBI 20 year strategy. These pillars are described as follows:

1- WATER SECURITY: Enhance availability and sustainable utilization and management of transboundary water resources of the Nile Basin

2- ENERGY SECURITY: Enhance hydropower development in the basin and increase interconnectivity of electric grids and power trade

3- FOOD SECURITY: Enhance efficient agricultural water use and promote a basin approach to address the linkages between water and food security

4- ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of water related ecosystems across the basin

5- CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Improve basin resilience to climate change impacts

6- TRANSBOUNDARY WATER GOVERNANCE: Strengthen transboundary water governance in the Nile Basin